6 Things You Never Knew About Pizza

Did you know that there are approximately 11.5 billion pizzas that pizza parlors like Pizza Hut deliver every day? While not everyone may be a fan of pizza, the number of everyday pizza deliveries surely speaks for itself.

But we got more interesting facts about pizza for you other than the number of daily pizza deliveries! Read on for amazing stuff about pizza that you most probably never knew.

Pizza delivery via plane


How does your local pizza parlor deliver your favorite pie? Most deliver via motorbikes but did you know that some pizza shops deliver via plane? Yes, we know that it seems outrageous for any pizza company to fly in deliveries for their customers, but it happens in real life—in Alaska! Whoa. We can just imagine how much each delivery would cost.

Americans have a National Pizza Month


No, we are not kidding. Here in the United States, October is National Pizza Month and has always been National Pizza Month for 27 years now. That means we got five months to go before we celebrate our favorite food. Hurrah!

Pizza is ancient food


And when we say ancient, we mean that this dish has been around for hundreds of years now. Did you know that the first pizza parlor ever dates back as far as 273 years ago! Wow. If you do the math, that would mean that the first pizza shop opened in 1738. That pizza shop, Antica Pizzeria, started selling in Naples, Italy. If you are curious as to whether the shop still exists, we are too.

Americans love pizza very much


We are not saying that all Americans love pizza and eat it on a regular basis. We are, however, speaking for the general American public who, as per statistical data, consume up to three billion pizzas yearly. Take note that the statistics do not include the one billion frozen pizzas that Americans purchase every year. Other statistics tell us that only 6% of the Americans do not eat pizza on a regular basis. Now, you understand why the United States have a National Pizza Month.

Pizza Hut once thought of placing their company logo on the moon


We have seen all types of advertisements on billboards, television screens, magazines, and newspapers, but we sure have never seen an ad on the moon! But yes, speaking of ads, did you know that Pizza Hut once thought of engraving their company logo on the moon with the aid of lasers? The plan did not push through because, upon assessment, the company realized that they would have to make the logo as huge as the land area of Texas for the people to see it. Can you just imagine how it would have felt like to look up at a Pizza Hut moon every night?

There are gluten free pizzas


To everyone on a gluten-free diet, we got great news for you! You can now add pizza to your list of gluten-free meals! Chefs have finally come up with a way to allow you to enjoy scrumptious slices of pizza without having to suffer from an allergy to gluten. Just head to your favorite pizzeria and ask if they have gluten-free pizza on the menu and enjoy!

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